Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to shop for her (NON LINGERIE ATTIRE)

Shopping for women gives men NIGHTMARES! The first thing they do is head for the jewelry department. Now no one is arguing the love of DIAMONDS, but eventually shes going to need clothing. Buying clothes doesn't mean running to Victoria Secrets, visualizing what you look like in this or that and making a purchase. Sadly, it doesn't really dawn on them that they can apply the same principle in outer wear or that  the purchase from Victoria's, is more for them then for you. The greatest tool they have is never used, their- EARS. Women discuss wardrobes constantly. From shoes to boots, handbags to belts and skirts to blouses. And yes belts are very important. If a man pays just the slightest attention, he will hear " Yeah I thought it was nice or I would like to have or did you see so-n-so in that?"  Pay attention to what she wears,as well as her friends and family. While watching a movie, the news or out 'n' about, LISTEN to what she is saying about what blouse was nice, where did she get that suit, or (my favorite) them some badass shoes. When you go out and buy an outfit that she gets complimented on at work, all by your self, dude- trust me, she will be the envy of the office and  you will be the hero and rewarded accordingly. Learn to listen, the rest will follow. If you need further insight, feel free to contact me. I'm here for you Guys, to make your life just a little bit easier.   

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