Friday, December 9, 2011

why men cheat

Some believe men cheat because they are uncaring, noncommitting dogs who'll sleep with just about anything without conscience. Well i'm here to give alittle insight. Did you know that most women dating a married man KNOWS he is married? This practice allows men to escape his fears of low self worth and his not measuring up to someone he feels is his "Better". Men are always comparing themself to the "competition" seeing how they measure up against someone who is perceived better looking, more successful or who is rumored to have great sexual prowess. It really isnt you ,its him and the prison he has built in his mind for himself. He fears you have "settled" and you will realize it soon, leaving him heart broken. Men cheat because they are scared to death of their woman cheating on him. leaving him for someone else, so he trys to stay incontrol by staying a step ahead of her. A man cannot bear the idea of his woman in the throws of sex with anyone else. He gets stupid. Yes mans need of constant reassurance, stroking of his ego and acknowledgement that he is the man puts his brain in stimuli overdose and so he seeks dominations and conquests to reaffirm his manliness. Once he admits this to himself, becomes open to his fears and faults and confides in his woman that he is not "Superman" or "perfect" and release his emotions from his self made bonds, he will discontinue to seek ways to feed his pride and male ego. He will learn what unconditional love is, how to truly give it and receive it. Too many are taught how to fight, work, hustle and play sports at a young age, but few are taught its ok to be emotional, to be scared, to express your feelings and be true to them. Its not manly to cry over a girl, to get mushy and lovey dovey. You're expected to be a man, keep everything bottled up until it creates an ulcer. Ladies we can and will do better. You deserve to know your man is only your man, no accidents, oops or lame ass, "Its not what you think it is". You deserve REAL MEN

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