Thursday, December 29, 2011

A "D" average but who cares, I'm a jock.

During parent -teacher conferences, it often befuddles me on how many parents are no-shows. At a football, basketball or baseball game,(as well as all other extra curricular activities), you will often find fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles and sometimes grandparents. This show of support is great ,however, not one of the aforementioned is present at the parent-teacher conference. Why? A star athlete is a student first. The phrase his/her "Ticket out of here" normally refers to the after-school activity and not his/her studies. Those who do not "Make it" a lot of times find themselves in dead-in jobs, under or unemployed or worse because they do not have education to fall back on. This "all or nothing" attitude is what lead to the troubles that have befallen Mr. Maurice Clarett. To many times these high school stars become scared, angry, anxious and frustrated when things go awry, they don't make it big, and now have to figure out how to support themselves. We all know someone who was predicted to do "This" and be a "Superstar" but wound up selling drugs, strung out on drugs, pulling robberies and even becoming suicidal. As a parent, especially a father, you do not have the right to live out your dreams through your children. You had your chance. It is incumbent upon you to make sure your child/ren be all they can, get all they need to be able to compete in the world for jobs and careers. A blown knee, broken ankle or just maybe not being good enough is how the conversation should start as you explain the importance of education. Then follow up on it. Check homework, talk to the teachers to make sure your child/ren is being challenged and not just skating by in easy classes. If the grades are poor, hold them out of the activities until improvement is shown. Parent -Teacher relationship is pivotal in the success of our childrens education. Don't just know the coaches, know the teachers. Use email, text or just drop in on occasion. Keep the communication lines open. We have to redirect the trend of more to prison and less to college. Sports are great but need to be kept in perspective. Grades first ,play later. 

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