Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sex vs Love Making

I over heard two young men discussing their sexual conquest of the previous weekend and feel it is time for the younger generation to know one thing, "Only those in love can make Love and at No time is having sex better than making love". You see lads, sex is an experience of the flesh, the release of the pressure formed by anticipation, eagerness and excitability. Sex is what animals do to procreate, the by-product of lust and food for the ego or a weapon to control. Sex is brief, often a one-sided satisfaction that even the clumsiest of people can perform, sometimes alone. Now for those who have experienced "Love Making", its the exchanging of emotions, the melding of two heartbeats becoming one and the brief short circuiting of all senses except touch. Love Making defies logic and time no longer exist. Language becomes basic sounds or noises yet understandable. The two involved feel every nerve ending come to life, every body part is super sensitive and pleasure becomes a "Being" with  bodies in stasis, dancing to an unheard melody, rhythmic and in unison. Its all about giving until its so satisfyingly unbearable to take anymore and yet you dont want it to ever stop. Its the gift that God has saved for  those who are truly in love. It is physical love, devotion, respect and trust, the life long commitment or promissory note that forever together you will be. Your very own piece of Heaven right here on Earth. Sex, its what you get, Love Making ,its what you do.

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