Monday, December 12, 2011

Breaking the Cycle

He is that way because you were'nt there for him. He thinks of himself as a "Gangsta" because someone other then you taught him how to be a "Man". You chose to break the law, be a deadbeat dad or deny paternity and now you have released Mr. "BAD ATTITUDE" on the rest of us. All those things you hated about your childhood, you have now shared with your son. What kind of man does that? Be a "MAN", break the cycle, teach your son what it takes to be a real "MAN". How to love, respect and care for others. To take care of his responsibilities. Teach him that a "Real Man" never hits a woman or fights unless its self-defense. Talk to him about the importance of higher education and the trappings of gangs, drugs and teen pregnancy. You do not have to be what your father was, and your son doesnt have to growup the way you did.

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