Friday, December 23, 2011

A Womans Man 101

There are entirely too many single women in the world waiting for a good man to romance and sweep her off her feet. There are entirely too many GREAT WOMEN in relationships with no -good men. What's the deal guys? Are you afraid of a strong, independent and self-sufficient women? Are you watching too much porn or Jersey Shore and can no longer separate fantasy from reality? So she has more education. Accept it or take your self back to school. So she makes more money. Ahh,well,that back to school again hint. Get over that idiotic notion of "A Lady in the street but a freak in the bed. A real lady does'nt run in the streets. And maybe the problem in the bedroom just might be YOU. Most women would gladly exchange diamonds for a man she can trust, believe in and live out her life with. Most women want to be in-love with someone in-love with them. A warm embrace after a hard day of work. A hot bath drawn because you know she would love it. Dinner done because you got home first. Doing the laundry because you gave her the weekend off. Taking her shopping for shoes and actually being attentive and helpful and not a killjoy. And learn how to give a real, authentic back and foot rub. Women are'nt really hard to figure out. If you LISTEN. Pay attention to her moods and proceed accordingly. Stop trying to solve all her problems with an "Well if it was me I would". She needs you to listen, not compare notes. Man up and learn  know how to navigate through the femine product aisle. And stop discussing your personals with anyone other then HER. If there is a problem, go to her,stop asking others for advice. They do not know her like you do, know your situation or how much detail you left out about your own screwups. Its not moms, dads or your sisters and brothers relationship. The more people you keep out, the happier you will be.


  1. really need to consider writing a book if you haven't thought of that already! If you do, I'll be sure to buy several copies and give it as a gift to my husband as well as many of my friends' husbands too. I absolutely love reading your blog! Great job!!

  2. Chorsie I love your blog! Everyone ( man and woman) should read this. Just write a book already, I will definitely buy it. God Bless you Chorsie!

  3. Once again, you've said it like it is! Keep inspiring, baby!