Friday, December 23, 2011

And You Are???

What happened to being an individual? You wear your pants like that because who said so? Your rims ,jewelery and 4 kids by 3 women are more important to your reputation then taking care of those kids, showing a woman love and respect and teaching your sons how to be real men and not future inmates. Teaching your daughters not to get hooked up with drug dealing, 10th grade dropouts looking for a warm place to lay in between fights with his other girlfriends. You wont work but you will hustle, sell drugs. If you have no ambition, self respect or respect for others, take a guess at how your kids will turn out. Lead by example. Be a father, not a donor. If you are a husband, be a husband-ALL THE TIME, and not just when your wife is around. Be the MAN she married and the DAD your kids need. Get off your behind and get up to the school and check on your kids progress, meet the teachers. See to it that homework is completed and is correct. Too many kids are walking around thinking rappers, pro athletes and actors are role models.  Babies having babies means more kids will suffer. If you do not make time to see about them in school,teach self respect, be respectful and be more then a statistic, you just may end up making frequent visits to one of two places- State Corrections Institutions or Cemetary Plots. Choice is YOURS.    

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