Monday, January 16, 2012

Arguements can lead to Fights

Why do we argue? Is it because we do not agree? Is it just about wrong and right? How do you defend poor judgement or irresponsibility by arguing? First off, if you know you are wrong, SHUT UP. If you've been busted, caught or what ever, man or woman up and take your medicine. Second, keep to the rules of arguing. Your voices should never become elevated. Men use this (Boisterous) tool to try an intimidate or control the sway of the arguement. Even if he is wrong, he will use this tactic to either persuade or gain forgiveness. Also stay on topic and in control. Arguements can end in property destruction, name calling, the bringing up of old problems and sometimes bodily injury. Never have a heated discussion while intoxicated or in public. Alcohol distorts and corrupts reasoning and embarrassing each other in public will no doubt turn ugly, so save it for home. When you argue, you lose perspective, you stop listening and you can no longer hear another point of view. If its about facts, or information that can be verified, why not just look it up? But if you are correct, do you need the childish "Im right, I told you so?" or if you are wrong can you say "Yeah you were right ,my bad" or "I apologize?" If it involves other people such as the raising of children, you HAVE to compromise. Not your way or his/her way, but together ,both your ways. Don't think because you are the man, its your way or else, or if you make the most money, you're calling all the shots. Do not belittle  or disrespect your loved one . You can not take  things back once they are said. Control your self. Ask yourself, "Why am I so angry?" Yes we want to be right, but at what cost? I love a good debate, and I use to be prone to loud and unruly arguements. Then one day it hit me. "Is it really that important for such a aggression?" "Can I not express my self and talk like a mature adult?" It does take two to argue. If you find yourself in such a situation, calm yourself, Say "how bout we look it up?" or "Why dont we ask so and so?" But if you are proven right, leave it at that. If you are proven wrong, acknowledge it and let it be. Once you cross the threshold from discussion to arguement, things can get out of hand and cost you more than the "right or wrong" you desparately need.        


  1. You know this post should be sent to 1 person in particular. But that would cause an argument!

  2. Good stuff C.L. But sometimes the wife is the loud one. Ask my husband. I had to realize early on that I was going to be the instigator of the majority of our fights because I possess the hot head. Sigh. I've learned to be calmer, and I make a mean apology. So much practice :)

    Do you want to be right or at peace? Not every hill is worth dying on. When it is, make your stand. Until then, move along, there's nothing to see here.


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