Friday, February 3, 2012

Women are pushed to cheat

Most women cheat because of negligence, abuse or response to a cheating mate. While men are opportunist in indiscretions, women are usually victims of passion , searching for whats missing in their relationship, or are fed up with repeated disrespects and infidelities by their mates. Women cheat because they are being cheated on, are hurt and left to feel unattractive, wanted and unloved. Most women are'nt looking for a "Pay-Back" fling or a "Make me feel like a women" affair. They truly feel like they are finally desired, wanted and in some cases loved.There are the occasions when a woman is out to get hers-you know -doing what men have been doing. But most often ,its a reaction from pain, anger and disrespect. The devaluation of a relationship, the search for new conquest and feeding of the male ego leads to most destructive acts in marriages. When men finally acknowledge their emotions, fears of being alone, insecurities of penis/success envy of past lovers and lack of self confidence , only then will he be able to be honest with himself, appreciate what he has, take pride in a successful relationship and reject immature impulses that lead to creeping. It doesnt matter if she comes on to him, seduction only works if there is an acceptance of an offer. Contrary to popular beliefs, you can not slip and fall onto/into "A WOMAN". She can not make you an offer you can't refuse. Regardless to who may or may not see you, a man honors his commitment, respects and appreciates what he has and does not jeopardize  it for ANYTHING.   So the next time you are hit on, paid a complement or made to feel like you're the ish, remember, there's a woman at home ,with whom you have total trust, she loves you even when you dont deserve it and supports you when ever you need it. To her, you are more then a lay, a check or protection. You are worth loving, caring for, being committed to and you can trust her with your life. She's not going to bail when things get tough, she has your back and all she asks is that you be honest with her ,love her and honor your relationship. No one deserves to be made a fool. If you're not man enough for her, move on, give her a chance at happiness. Go play your games elsewhere, okay? Love is not pain. Love her unconditionally, truthfully or not at all.

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