Thursday, November 29, 2012

Relationship Tips???

So many books, columns and articles to help with relationships. Basic info, nothing spectacular. Treat her right, be romantic and listen, listen, listen. What they leave out is not one relationship is like another. There is no one size fits all, magic pill of healing or universal code for ever lasting love. You see, we are individuals and as such what works for him/her will cause uber and utter destruction for someone else. My advice: BE HONEST. Not just to your better half  but to yourself as well. What you can live with or without, what irritates you, angers, frustrates etc. Also be open about expectations, desires, fears and future plans. We all have habits, good and bad. We all see things differently. Love is truly the easy part. Its when you are in DISLIKE with each other that life will become challenging. Stuff happens. You wont always agree, things wont always be peachy. Cliff and Claire Huxtable are fictional characters, in real life, they had marital problems too. Its how you handle them, how you react and relate during those troubled times that make or break relationships. Leave your ego and pride out if you do not want them to be what you snuggle up too. You know her, her habits, attitudes, feelings and moods. So sit down, open your mouth and ask, open your ears and listen and then open your heart and comfort. And never, ever, ever use social media to work on or discuss your relationship. Sharks love the smell of blood in the water. All who congratulate you on your union, aren't always sincere. Some want what you have and cant wait for the opportunity to seize it. Mind your business by keeping it your business. Now for those of you who swim in the sea of dishonesty, we will work on that one for a later post. Gods Blessings...

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