Monday, July 8, 2013

Black on Black crimes "Cultral Bias?"

I've been careful to avoid the Trayvon M trial, post and comments. Regardless to outcome, a young life has been taken. But it highlights an inner cultural problem that plagues our people. We march about equality, only if we agree with it. As a race, yes equality, but sexual orientation, no no no. We want justice, but we promote "No Snitching" when its black on black crime. We have time for happy h...our, sporting events and concerts, but no time for parent/teacher conferences. We call for Imus' and Paula Deans heads on a platter for using the very words and phrases we use every minute of everyday. As a people, we buy more useless junk, (spinning rims, expensive tennis shoes, jewelry and loud car stereos) then any other race, keeping our money OUT of our communities. I'm tired of hearing or reading " Free my n***a whoever." They broke the law, they got locked up. How about supporting these youngsters, be a positive role model, give them direction and discipline so more of the walk across a stage for graduation and not a police lineup? I'm not making light of what happened to Trayvon by any means, but after you read this, count how many people you personally know who has murdered or been murdered via Black on Black. If Zimmerman was black, would most of us know about this? Exactly.  God have mercy on all of us.

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